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The top priorities for NAIA are establishing partnership relations with professional and other public organizations sharing NAIA’s goals and objectives, establishing official communication with public offices supervising the branches of the insurance business.
Simultaneously, NAIA intends to be actively involved in the social life of the insurance market, which means, among other things, that it will hold its own events to promote the adjuster profession.
The Association lays special emphasis on its future efforts to create the basis for amending the Insurance Law to include provisions defining the status and role of adjusters in the insurance business and regulating their rights and obligations. The recognition of the insurance adjuster profession in the Russian Federation will make it possible to establish a NAIA-based self-regulating association of certified individuals who are professionally involved in loss adjustment activities and have sworn to the Adjusters’ Code of Conduct and Ethics. Anyway, the “legalization” of the adjuster profession will inevitably pose an issue of organizing  loss adjustment courses of training in educational institutions. However, it is a long-term issue. NAIA’s focus for the short term is on the formation of theoretical and methodological basis for a future educational programme.