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The Association’s mission is active involvement in the formation and development of a civilized market of independent insurance experts in Russia, therefore, NAIA is determined to address and solve a wide range of organizational, legal and educational issues.  To attain the goal, the following specific objectives need to be accomplished:  
  • Grant the status of a professional service provider in the insurance business (loss adjustment expert) to the loss adjuster;
  • Ensure the recognition of the legal status of the experts’ investigation into the circumstances of the loss and assessment of the extent of damage;
  • Ensure the recognition of the legal status of the investigation report issued by the independent insurance adjuster, so it can be used, in particular, as evidence in judicial, taxation and other agencies;
  • Develop and roll out uniform rules and standards of operation, a code of ethics for adjusters, and a compliance monitoring system;
  • Create a professional training and certification system for insurance adjusters;
  • Organize informational and methodological liaison with Russian and international associations of insurers;
  • Establish partnership relations with international associations of adjusters, such as FUEDI, liaise with national adjusters’ teams from other countries, especially in the information, education and legal sphere.