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Members of the Association are legal entities providing independent professional appraisal and loss adjustment services. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Association coordinates the activities of its members, represents and promotes common interests in the relations with clients, Russian and international organizations and government.     
NAIA offers assistance to its members in development and improvement of their operations, in achieving their compliance with regulations, rules and standards, and establishing mutually beneficial ties with other organizations, and also provides legal and organizational support and access to information resources. 
Members of the Association have the right to:
  • Participate in the management of the Association, as provided in the Bylaws;
  • Utilize services provided by the Association free of charge;
  • Participate in activities conducted by the Association;
  • Submit proposals relating to activities of the Association to the Board of the Association and General Meeting of Members of the Association;
  • Refer to their membership in the Association for a purpose of promotion and other purposes, demonstrate membership in elements of their own corporate identity;
  • Submit inquiries to the Association and receive information with regard to how the Association delivers on its commitments as declared in the Bylaws.  
Members of the Association are obliged to:
  • Abide by the Bylaws and Constituent Agreement;
  • Actively contribute to achieving the key goals of the Association;
  • Timely and in full pay admission fees, membership fees and special purpose contributions as required by the constituent documents and resolutions adopted by the executive management of the Association;
  • Take all necessary measures to maintain confidentiality of information concerning the operations of the Association, which becomes known to them, irrespective of the source of information.
Membership in the Association is voluntary. New members are admitted to the Association by a decision of the General Meeting of Members of the Association, based on a written application submitted to the President of the Association. The application should be submitted to the email address of the Presidium of the Association, An applicant is considered to have been granted membership in the Association after payment of the admission fee.