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Legal Committee
Key functions:  development of regulatory legal documents, resolution of legal issues relating to the operations of the Association, legal support to members of the Association, participation in commissions for amendments to insurance laws.  
Education Committee
Key functions: development of the education programme, giving lectures and seminars, preparation of a methodological framework, development of a certification system, liaison with universities to organize joint ventures providing advanced training to insurance specialists, and extension of existing 
International Committee
Key functions: development of the international cooperation strategy, management of events (conferences, seminars, meetings) attended by colleagues from abroad, establishment of partnership relations with international associations of adjusters and other organizations of the international insurance community.       
Control committee
Key functions:  control of business activities of the members of the Association and monitoring of their compliance with membership requirements, regular and extraordinary audits, processing of applications, complaints, inquiries or notifications regarding violation of standards and regulations of loss adjustment activities by members of the Association. 
Disciplinary Commission
Key functions: consideration of cases of violation by members of the Association of standards, rules and regulations of the Association and membership requirements, following the audits conducted by the Control Committee, and disciplinary proceedings to impose appropriate disciplinary measures upon members of the Association.