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The Russian insurance market has been rapidly developing in the past two decades. There have emerged new types of insurance and insurance products, new market players, modified risk assessment procedures, and improved legal framework for the insurance business. The rapid growth of the insurance sector continues to be fostered by such factors as the large number of uninsured facilities, spread of insurance culture, insurance market liberalization, integration into the global insurance community.
Some 20 years ago, the formation of Russia’s insurance market was immediately followed by development of insurance-related services, and adjustment services now account for a significant part of these. At this stage of development of the insurance sector, we can say with confidence that there are at least 50 players in the RF insurance sector, each providing unique services that are highly in demand, including independent loss investigation, damage assessment and adjustment services. However, the Russian Federation has no regulations for adjusters’ activities and there is no such term as “adjuster” in the legal system.
In Europe, the loss appraisal profession that involves an analysis and assessment of property risks came into existence in the 18th century. In the West, the loss adjusting business as part of the insurance market infrastructure has now developed into a mature system that is regulated by law; historically, the rights and obligations of independent insurance experts have been legally regulated.
There are many new challenges faced by the local insurance sector at the current stage of the economic and social development of the Russian Federation, given the global economic trends.  Creation of a local system of independent insurance adjustment, development of uniform methods of work, clear-cut separation of powers of all insurance market players can substantially promote further development of the Russian insurance market and its integration into the global economy.
On January 25, 2010, the Moscow headquarters of OSAO Ingosstrakh hosted the constituent congress of the National Association of Insurance Adjusters, which was attended by heads of a number of Russian survey and adjustment organizations. Following the congress, it was decided to establish the first ever non-profit organization in the Russian insurance sector to comprise firms providing professional services in the sphere of independent loss adjustment.